A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Day 1

We have just arrived home for the first time with Ateerah. It's been a long day for her, and she's frightened, but not as bad as I was expecting. She seems very sweet. She was eager to get out of the crate and come into the house. She found the sofa immediately.

In the evening I was eating cereal (I'm a cereal lover!!) and she was quite adept at begging. She readily came over to me to eat the cheerios from my fingers. When the cheerios were gone she wanted nothing more to do with me. LOL, that's alright, we have plenty of time.

Later in the evening, I introduced her to our other rescue Saluki, Daphne. Daphne has been here 2 years, and is still quite spooky, although she's come a long way from her first day here.
Ateereh's tail was wagging as she met Daphne. Ateereh was definitely the braver of the two in that first encounter, but they got along just fine.

I'm REALLY happy to have this sweet little girl here.


Blogger saluki13 said...

I love the blog! Ateerah is so lucky to be with all of you.
Hugs to all.


1:51 PM


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