A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day 2

Ateereh had a good nights sleep. I had planned to let her sleep in her crate, but she found the bed and immediately plopped herself down on it and went to sleep. Sleeping with her was interesting. We sprawled out and graciously left me a bit of the edge. Okay, it's her first night. Hmmmm, until I feel the warm, wet sensation. Well, I knew better. So the morning was spent washing and airing the mattress out to dry. LOL

After some breakfast, it's time for Ateereh to meet the Queen Saluki, Adria. Adria is a 14 year old homebred, very stable, very sensible. If Adria approves, all will be well. Adria and Ateereh sniff one another from nose to tail. Ateereh knows she has found a friend. Miss Adria readily approves of Ateereh.

Since things have gone so well with Adria, we decided to bring in her litter brother, Dodger. Dodgee is a sweet old boy, but he CAN be a grumpy old man at times. He comes in, sniffs around Ateereh and gets excited. "Hoo boy, a new girl for his harem". But at 14 years old he quickly forgets why he was excited and goes to lay down. It's okay with Dodger that Ateereh is here.

Okay, Ateereh has met all the Salukis, but one......now she must meet Abigail!!


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