A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Friday, August 19, 2005

Day 3

Ateereh slept in her crate last night. I just wasn't ready to wash that mattress again. LOL. I was prepared for howling or barking, but while she didn't want to go in, she was quiet the whole. I had purchased a new cushion for her and I expected that to be soiled, but the dear didn't have any accidents and did everything needed outside. I was very impressed with her.

She's eating well, but then I keep a crock pot of chicken & rice stew cooking all the time. I spooned that over her kibble and she dug in. So no eating issues.

She does HATE that leash. I want to try her loose out in the yard, but I'm afraid she won't come back in. Although she really seems to like being inside SO much better than outside. She isn't afraid of any household noises, ie: phone ringing, TV, vacumn, people knocking at the door, etc.
If I approach her with a lead in hand, she bolts. Without a lead, she gets up, but doesn't run far.

She seems to have bonded so well with the other Salukis, she wants to be with them wherever they go. Tonight I have decided to allow her to sleep in the dog room.

The dog room is just a den that connects to our bedroom with french doors. The Salukis can hear me and see me. In there they have two upholstered chairs and several crates that are open all the time. There is a throw rug on the floor, so there are plenty of places to sleep. Ateereh has never been in this room, but she happily followed all the other Salukis into the room and choose the largest and softest chair. Daphne was a bit put out because she likes that chair, but.....first come, come served.

You can see from the photo above, Ateereh is feeling very comfortable with the other Salukis.


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