A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Friday, August 19, 2005

Day 4

Last night was a huge success. Everyone slept quiety through the night. When I opened the back porch door to put them all out, Ateereh just followed right along. When it was time to come in, same thing. She followed them in and through the dining room into the living room. She ate breakfast. Then they all went out again, and the same thing. So unless we need to go anywhere, the lead is being kept out of sight. She has totally bonded with the other Salukis.
As I was sitting here typing this up, I felt a cold nose on my arm. It was Ateereh. She was asking for attention. So I must get off of her and honor that simple request.
Below is a photo of Ateereh after she came in the second time. I think she looks pretty content. And then another with Daphne. :)


Blogger Gayze said...

Oh, what a wonderful account of Ateerah's time in her new digs! She certainly is settling in well, and I'm so pleased to see how well she gets along with the clan!


2:28 PM

Anonymous Deb Kidwell said...

So Glad that Ateereh is doing so well! Gratifying really:) Belle was spayed on Wednesday, so she's inside with Atir in our dining room/kitchen area. I let her out with him in our three acre yard today while I was taking care of the other Salukis. She came and sought me out in the garage as I was putting some of them to bed for the night, then went right back inside with Atir and me. She really likes Atir's big orthopedic bed, which totally pisses him off. I found him in HER crate yesterday since she was hogging the whole bed. He's too much of a gentleman to get mad, but you could see the outrage in his eyes!
Looking forward to more progress reports on Ateereh!

8:05 PM


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