A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Day 5

Today has been a really encouraging day. When I let the Salukis outside this morning, Ateereh was all wagging tail and happy smile. She was just as happy to see me as all the others. It felt so good to see her so happy. Then, when she came inside she ran into the living room and gathered with the others around Chuck (my husband) looking for her morning biscuits.

I forgot to mention that she met Chuck for the first time last night when he came home. She watched all the others greeting him, then went over to him of her own free will. She seems to really like Chuck, which is odd because I was told she might react badly to men. But so far today, she's been playing up to Chuck. Which he just loves!!

Throughout the day she has alternated between running from us and coming to us, tail wagging, looking for attention. I even had my hand washed by her. Just since I've been here typing this, she has come over to poke me and ask for attention. Let me tell you.....it feels GREAT to see that wagging tail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I forgot to mention her reaction to our two cats when she met them several days ago. When she first saw Juliette, she barked at her. Juliette could care less. Ateereh now watches Juliette, but that's all. Now Snowy is another matter. Snowy hissed at her, and Ateereh keeps a healthy distance from our SnowBoy. He did the same thing with Daphne when she came here, and today he prefers to lay with her over all the other dogs. So I have no worries at all where the cats are concerned.

So, all in all, she has handled every new person or situation very well. She still has two more dogs to meet here, our Black Lab, Katie, and our super hyper Sheltie, Dubbie. Kate will probably be fine. Kate mothers all the critters here. Dubbie......none of the Salukis like Dubbie. :)


Anonymous Mandy Murphy said...

Betty, we LOVE your blog! My daughter, the cat lover, is in raptures over Juliette and Daphne....
Truly thrilled to read all your good news...love all your photos.
Hugs, and thanks,
Mandy and Vivienne

10:39 PM

Anonymous Carolyn M. Brown said...

This is such a wonderful sharing of the goodness she is experiencing at your home!!! Thank you, carolyn

2:50 PM


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