A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Week Two

I haven't posted an update for several days. Atireh (corrected spelling of her name) is doing very well. She comes when I call her about 1/2 the time, but I can approach her about 75% of the time without her running. When I pet her, her tail wags like crazy and she licks my hand the whole time. She is really so sweet. She will often come to me asking for attention.

She's a real food hog. She eats a lot!!! She loves snacks, and rawhides......boy, that girl can go through rawhides. She loves them.

We did have a slight problem a few days ago. Daphne, our other rescue girl, hasn't been terribly happy to have Atireh here. I think Daffy enjoyed being the only *special needs* Saluki. As I approached Atireh the other day, she flew over to the other sofa, landing on Daphne. Daphne immediately flew into Atireh and we had a little fight going on. I was able to break it up fairly easily, and no one was hurt, although both girls were clearly shaken. I gave them both a good dressing down, and then lots and lots of love. We haven't had any other incidents, and hopefully we won't. I've been giving them both special time alone, so hopefully, they will both realize they are loved and the other is no threat to their security.

Atireh continues to be fine with the cats. She did get to meet our hyper little Sheltie today. I think she was more confused than anything else. She had no idea what this little furry, barking creature was. LOL.

She also met our Black Lab mix, Katie. As I expected, Katie just wanted to mother her. :)

We found Atireh's pedigree, birth date, and other information. We also found out that Atireh gave birth to two puppies several years ago. All in all, our little girl is settling in very nicely. I just love when she wags that tail and licks my hand.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so happy to hear Atireh is doing so well in her new home.

I have been heartbroken to hear of the plight of these salukis.

You are to be commended for your willingness to help, especially since these salukis have been referred to as feral. Salukis are smart and even though feral, I bet Atireh is wise enough to know the difference between life before and now with your love and kindness. Thank you for your efforts on her behalf.

Salukis are such special creatures and I am happy to know she is in such good hands.

10:05 PM

Blogger Rescue Salukis said...

I am really happy to have her here. She is so terribly sweet and loving, full of wagging tail and little kisses. She is just so dear.

2:37 PM


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