A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sept 14, 2005 II

I forgot to add that we did go down and pick up another rescue bitch. A beautiful, tiny, tiny Silver Grizzle Bitch named Shahryah. No, not to keep, we were just relaying her to her new foster home. Shahryah has the most beautiful, exotic eyes. She was also very, very sweet. I had thought there would be this great reunion between her and Atireh. We had been told that Atireh & Shahryah were very close with one another.

Well.....not quite what I expected. They sniffed each other and then went about their business. There was no sense of recongnition at all, although later they did curl up with one another on the sofa. You can see the photos here. My daughter was becoming very attached to Shahryah, and when I came in from church the next day, there was my husband sitting on the sofa with Shahryah on his lap. The first words out of his mouth were "I'm keeping this dog!"

I gently explained why we couldn't do that. And later that day we did deliver her to her new foster parents. It was hard to give her up. But she's doing beautifully at her new home and may soon be ready for adoption.

Sept 14, 2005

Well, I haven't had much new to report. Atireh has settled in so nicely, it's like she's been here forever. She doesn't run at all when I approach her. She comes to me most of the time when she's called. She asks for attention a lot, always with tail wagging and little kisses. She has really responded to gentleness and love. She loves being petted.

She is still a bit shy with my husband, but even there she is coming around, just a little slower.

The best new thing is that she is now wrestling and playing with Abby & Daphne. It's so much fun to watch them rolling around on the floor. You can just see she is laughing and enjoying herself. She hasn't played with any toys yet, but I have a feeling it'll be coming soon.

I love when she jumps on the sofa and rolls around. She's so carefree then. She's a joy to live with, she's very well behaved. Only thing is she has decided to terrorize the cats. She's not really hurting them, but she does love to chase them. LOL, the cats are getting their exercise.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Week Three

Atireh is doing great. I've had so many people ask me to keep adding to the blogs. She is such a sweet Saluki, really dear.

She has been running with the other Salukis, but now she has also started playing in the house with Abby & Daphne. It gets a little rough, so sometimes I have to stop them or I'll have no lamps left in my living room. One is already tilting at a weird angle thanks to them.

Atireh used to bolt and flee when you approached her. Now, as I approach, she still moves away, but it's a slow move. As long as I move slowly, I can get my hands on her head. Once I touch her, she wags her tail and licks my hands. I also do the "Proud Saluki" thing I was shown when I picked her up. Basically, to not let her hang her head, but to lift her head and say Proud Saluki. She never fails to wag her tail when I do this.

Today I called her while I was in the kitchen, and she actually came to me. We made a big deal out of that. :)

More and more she'll come to me on her own. Give a little poke on my arm with her nose. She is very good about asking for attention. She knows she'll always receive it.

I had always been told little black Sauki bitches were feisty. Well, Atireh is living up to that. She's not aggressive, but she guards her rawhides and growls if Abby comes near to take it. Now, I was able to reach in and take the rawhide. I wanted to see what she would do. She did not try to defend it from me, so that was good. She will eat and drink out of the same bowl or bucket with the other dogs, so she's excellent in a pack. Not aggressive, but not a pushover either.

Saturday, we will going down to pick another rescue up. I wish we could keep her as well, but we are only a link in relaying her to her new foster home. I'll be interested to see how Atireh reacts to one of the dogs she lived with before coming here.

Hopefully, I can get some photos of that reunion. :)