A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sept 14, 2005

Well, I haven't had much new to report. Atireh has settled in so nicely, it's like she's been here forever. She doesn't run at all when I approach her. She comes to me most of the time when she's called. She asks for attention a lot, always with tail wagging and little kisses. She has really responded to gentleness and love. She loves being petted.

She is still a bit shy with my husband, but even there she is coming around, just a little slower.

The best new thing is that she is now wrestling and playing with Abby & Daphne. It's so much fun to watch them rolling around on the floor. You can just see she is laughing and enjoying herself. She hasn't played with any toys yet, but I have a feeling it'll be coming soon.

I love when she jumps on the sofa and rolls around. She's so carefree then. She's a joy to live with, she's very well behaved. Only thing is she has decided to terrorize the cats. She's not really hurting them, but she does love to chase them. LOL, the cats are getting their exercise.


Anonymous Linda Dodge said...

Thank you for your update. As I thought, salukis are smarter than the average dog and will respond to good care, even though they have been neglected in the past. Of course, there are the exceptions. It is heartwarming to hear Atireh now has joy in heart for life.

Thank you again for your good heart.

6:34 PM

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