A Rescue Saluki Comes To Her New Forever Home

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Sept 14, 2005 II

I forgot to add that we did go down and pick up another rescue bitch. A beautiful, tiny, tiny Silver Grizzle Bitch named Shahryah. No, not to keep, we were just relaying her to her new foster home. Shahryah has the most beautiful, exotic eyes. She was also very, very sweet. I had thought there would be this great reunion between her and Atireh. We had been told that Atireh & Shahryah were very close with one another.

Well.....not quite what I expected. They sniffed each other and then went about their business. There was no sense of recongnition at all, although later they did curl up with one another on the sofa. You can see the photos here. My daughter was becoming very attached to Shahryah, and when I came in from church the next day, there was my husband sitting on the sofa with Shahryah on his lap. The first words out of his mouth were "I'm keeping this dog!"

I gently explained why we couldn't do that. And later that day we did deliver her to her new foster parents. It was hard to give her up. But she's doing beautifully at her new home and may soon be ready for adoption.

Sept 14, 2005

Well, I haven't had much new to report. Atireh has settled in so nicely, it's like she's been here forever. She doesn't run at all when I approach her. She comes to me most of the time when she's called. She asks for attention a lot, always with tail wagging and little kisses. She has really responded to gentleness and love. She loves being petted.

She is still a bit shy with my husband, but even there she is coming around, just a little slower.

The best new thing is that she is now wrestling and playing with Abby & Daphne. It's so much fun to watch them rolling around on the floor. You can just see she is laughing and enjoying herself. She hasn't played with any toys yet, but I have a feeling it'll be coming soon.

I love when she jumps on the sofa and rolls around. She's so carefree then. She's a joy to live with, she's very well behaved. Only thing is she has decided to terrorize the cats. She's not really hurting them, but she does love to chase them. LOL, the cats are getting their exercise.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Week Three

Atireh is doing great. I've had so many people ask me to keep adding to the blogs. She is such a sweet Saluki, really dear.

She has been running with the other Salukis, but now she has also started playing in the house with Abby & Daphne. It gets a little rough, so sometimes I have to stop them or I'll have no lamps left in my living room. One is already tilting at a weird angle thanks to them.

Atireh used to bolt and flee when you approached her. Now, as I approach, she still moves away, but it's a slow move. As long as I move slowly, I can get my hands on her head. Once I touch her, she wags her tail and licks my hands. I also do the "Proud Saluki" thing I was shown when I picked her up. Basically, to not let her hang her head, but to lift her head and say Proud Saluki. She never fails to wag her tail when I do this.

Today I called her while I was in the kitchen, and she actually came to me. We made a big deal out of that. :)

More and more she'll come to me on her own. Give a little poke on my arm with her nose. She is very good about asking for attention. She knows she'll always receive it.

I had always been told little black Sauki bitches were feisty. Well, Atireh is living up to that. She's not aggressive, but she guards her rawhides and growls if Abby comes near to take it. Now, I was able to reach in and take the rawhide. I wanted to see what she would do. She did not try to defend it from me, so that was good. She will eat and drink out of the same bowl or bucket with the other dogs, so she's excellent in a pack. Not aggressive, but not a pushover either.

Saturday, we will going down to pick another rescue up. I wish we could keep her as well, but we are only a link in relaying her to her new foster home. I'll be interested to see how Atireh reacts to one of the dogs she lived with before coming here.

Hopefully, I can get some photos of that reunion. :)

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Week Two

I haven't posted an update for several days. Atireh (corrected spelling of her name) is doing very well. She comes when I call her about 1/2 the time, but I can approach her about 75% of the time without her running. When I pet her, her tail wags like crazy and she licks my hand the whole time. She is really so sweet. She will often come to me asking for attention.

She's a real food hog. She eats a lot!!! She loves snacks, and rawhides......boy, that girl can go through rawhides. She loves them.

We did have a slight problem a few days ago. Daphne, our other rescue girl, hasn't been terribly happy to have Atireh here. I think Daffy enjoyed being the only *special needs* Saluki. As I approached Atireh the other day, she flew over to the other sofa, landing on Daphne. Daphne immediately flew into Atireh and we had a little fight going on. I was able to break it up fairly easily, and no one was hurt, although both girls were clearly shaken. I gave them both a good dressing down, and then lots and lots of love. We haven't had any other incidents, and hopefully we won't. I've been giving them both special time alone, so hopefully, they will both realize they are loved and the other is no threat to their security.

Atireh continues to be fine with the cats. She did get to meet our hyper little Sheltie today. I think she was more confused than anything else. She had no idea what this little furry, barking creature was. LOL.

She also met our Black Lab mix, Katie. As I expected, Katie just wanted to mother her. :)

We found Atireh's pedigree, birth date, and other information. We also found out that Atireh gave birth to two puppies several years ago. All in all, our little girl is settling in very nicely. I just love when she wags that tail and licks my hand.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Day 5

Today has been a really encouraging day. When I let the Salukis outside this morning, Ateereh was all wagging tail and happy smile. She was just as happy to see me as all the others. It felt so good to see her so happy. Then, when she came inside she ran into the living room and gathered with the others around Chuck (my husband) looking for her morning biscuits.

I forgot to mention that she met Chuck for the first time last night when he came home. She watched all the others greeting him, then went over to him of her own free will. She seems to really like Chuck, which is odd because I was told she might react badly to men. But so far today, she's been playing up to Chuck. Which he just loves!!

Throughout the day she has alternated between running from us and coming to us, tail wagging, looking for attention. I even had my hand washed by her. Just since I've been here typing this, she has come over to poke me and ask for attention. Let me tell you.....it feels GREAT to see that wagging tail!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also, I forgot to mention her reaction to our two cats when she met them several days ago. When she first saw Juliette, she barked at her. Juliette could care less. Ateereh now watches Juliette, but that's all. Now Snowy is another matter. Snowy hissed at her, and Ateereh keeps a healthy distance from our SnowBoy. He did the same thing with Daphne when she came here, and today he prefers to lay with her over all the other dogs. So I have no worries at all where the cats are concerned.

So, all in all, she has handled every new person or situation very well. She still has two more dogs to meet here, our Black Lab, Katie, and our super hyper Sheltie, Dubbie. Kate will probably be fine. Kate mothers all the critters here. Dubbie......none of the Salukis like Dubbie. :)

Friday, August 19, 2005

Day 4

Last night was a huge success. Everyone slept quiety through the night. When I opened the back porch door to put them all out, Ateereh just followed right along. When it was time to come in, same thing. She followed them in and through the dining room into the living room. She ate breakfast. Then they all went out again, and the same thing. So unless we need to go anywhere, the lead is being kept out of sight. She has totally bonded with the other Salukis.
As I was sitting here typing this up, I felt a cold nose on my arm. It was Ateereh. She was asking for attention. So I must get off of her and honor that simple request.
Below is a photo of Ateereh after she came in the second time. I think she looks pretty content. And then another with Daphne. :)

Day 3

Ateereh slept in her crate last night. I just wasn't ready to wash that mattress again. LOL. I was prepared for howling or barking, but while she didn't want to go in, she was quiet the whole. I had purchased a new cushion for her and I expected that to be soiled, but the dear didn't have any accidents and did everything needed outside. I was very impressed with her.

She's eating well, but then I keep a crock pot of chicken & rice stew cooking all the time. I spooned that over her kibble and she dug in. So no eating issues.

She does HATE that leash. I want to try her loose out in the yard, but I'm afraid she won't come back in. Although she really seems to like being inside SO much better than outside. She isn't afraid of any household noises, ie: phone ringing, TV, vacumn, people knocking at the door, etc.
If I approach her with a lead in hand, she bolts. Without a lead, she gets up, but doesn't run far.

She seems to have bonded so well with the other Salukis, she wants to be with them wherever they go. Tonight I have decided to allow her to sleep in the dog room.

The dog room is just a den that connects to our bedroom with french doors. The Salukis can hear me and see me. In there they have two upholstered chairs and several crates that are open all the time. There is a throw rug on the floor, so there are plenty of places to sleep. Ateereh has never been in this room, but she happily followed all the other Salukis into the room and choose the largest and softest chair. Daphne was a bit put out because she likes that chair, but.....first come, come served.

You can see from the photo above, Ateereh is feeling very comfortable with the other Salukis.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Day 2

Ateereh had a good nights sleep. I had planned to let her sleep in her crate, but she found the bed and immediately plopped herself down on it and went to sleep. Sleeping with her was interesting. We sprawled out and graciously left me a bit of the edge. Okay, it's her first night. Hmmmm, until I feel the warm, wet sensation. Well, I knew better. So the morning was spent washing and airing the mattress out to dry. LOL

After some breakfast, it's time for Ateereh to meet the Queen Saluki, Adria. Adria is a 14 year old homebred, very stable, very sensible. If Adria approves, all will be well. Adria and Ateereh sniff one another from nose to tail. Ateereh knows she has found a friend. Miss Adria readily approves of Ateereh.

Since things have gone so well with Adria, we decided to bring in her litter brother, Dodger. Dodgee is a sweet old boy, but he CAN be a grumpy old man at times. He comes in, sniffs around Ateereh and gets excited. "Hoo boy, a new girl for his harem". But at 14 years old he quickly forgets why he was excited and goes to lay down. It's okay with Dodger that Ateereh is here.

Okay, Ateereh has met all the Salukis, but one......now she must meet Abigail!!

Day 2 (Later)

Now Ateereh must meet Abigail. Abigail is our sweet and lovable 18 month old puppy. Abby is our BIG puppy. Abigail is playful, sweet, funny and hasn't a mean bone in her body. However, Abby is rough. I wasn't sure how Ateereh might react to this galloping puppy coming at her.

But Abby approached her slowly. I think she knew how frightened Ateereh was. Abby was great.

Abby has been instrumental is helping our other rescue, Daphne, to learn to play, be happy and to trust humans. I hope everyone who gets one of these rescues has an Abby in their household.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Day 1

We have just arrived home for the first time with Ateerah. It's been a long day for her, and she's frightened, but not as bad as I was expecting. She seems very sweet. She was eager to get out of the crate and come into the house. She found the sofa immediately.

In the evening I was eating cereal (I'm a cereal lover!!) and she was quite adept at begging. She readily came over to me to eat the cheerios from my fingers. When the cheerios were gone she wanted nothing more to do with me. LOL, that's alright, we have plenty of time.

Later in the evening, I introduced her to our other rescue Saluki, Daphne. Daphne has been here 2 years, and is still quite spooky, although she's come a long way from her first day here.
Ateereh's tail was wagging as she met Daphne. Ateereh was definitely the braver of the two in that first encounter, but they got along just fine.

I'm REALLY happy to have this sweet little girl here.